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Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)

How does it work?


Turning the miniature screw applies pressure through the teeth to expand the jaw bone. The screw is in the center of the palate.

How long will the expander be needed?

Upper expansion is generally completed within 3 months while lower expansion requires approximately 6 months. Expansion must be retained, often with the same expansion appliance, for a minimum of 6 months post expansion. Most expanders are left in place 9-12 months.

How does it feel?

You may experience excess saliva until your mouth adjusts to your appliance. You will feel pressure on the teeth or roof of the mouth after turning the screw. The pressure lasts 1-5 minutes. There should be no discomfort after the first week. Ibuprofen may be beneficial during this initial phase. During this phase of treatment, we will be monitoring your child’s progress very closely. Therefore, we recommend you DO NOT SKIP APPOINTMENTS!


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