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Your Child’s First Visit

We make every effort to ensure that your child has a positive experience in our office. At their first visit we will “count teeth” and “tickle or brush their teeth”. Should your child require further treatment such as a filling based on findings in your child’s exam, our experienced staff will be selective in their use of words. We try to avoid words that may scare your child. We ask for your support in not using words that are often used for dental care. They include:

Don’t use:

  • Needle or shot
  • Drill
  • Drill on tooth
  • Pull or Yank a tooth
  • Decay, Cavity
  • Examination
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Explorer
  • Rubber Dam
  • Gas
  • Pain – hurt
Our equivalent:

  • Sleepy Water
  • Whistle or water toothbrush
  • Wash a tooth
  • Wiggle a tooth out
  • Sugar bugs
  • Count teeth
  • Tickle teeth or brush teeth
  • Tooth counter
  • Raincoat
  • Laughing Gas/Happy air
  • Discomfort

Our intention is not to “fool” the child; it is to create a dental experience that is positive. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a great relationship with you and your child. And remember, here at Pediatric Dental Specialists PA, we not only care; we truly believe “Kids are Dino-mite”.

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