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Pregnancy & Oral Health

Although your child has not even been born, there are things that you can do while pregnant that may help reduce your child’s risk for dental decay. Good oral health during pregnancy is important for children to develop healthy teeth. Many studies now have linked a parent’s oral health with a child’s risk of developing cavities. Things such as active decay, poor oral hygiene, or poor diet can affect the developing baby teeth in the fetus. Things such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, or stress can also have effects on the developing baby teeth. It is important for parents to maintain a good diet and excellent oral health during pregnancy to help insure that their child’s teeth develop normally.

It is also important once your child is born to help minimize the transmission of bacteria from parent to child. Those parents or primary caregivers with poor oral health, or active decay are now encouraged to not share cups, toothbrushes, or pacifiers. These are all methods by which parents can transmit cavity causing bacteria from their mouth to their child.

Many new studies have shown that parents that use chlorhexidine rinses or chew gum with Xylitol, can reduce their own bacterial levels, and have a lower chance of transmitting cavity causing bacteria to their children. If you are pregnant, or have a newborn child, please ask your dentist about these alternatives.

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