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We take sedation very seriously at Pediatric Specialists. See below for our various methods used.
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Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Analgesia (Laughing Gas)
Nitrous Oxide Sedation: this type of sedation is given as an inhalation agent, where the child wears a mask on their nose which delivers the nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide creates a slight “happy” feeling. When treatment is completed your child will be given 100% oxygen and they will have no residual effects. Nitrous oxide is the safest drug that we have in anesthesia and dentistry. This type of sedation is good to use with children who may have slight anxiety, or have limited work that needs to be done.

Medicine Sedation
Medicine Sedation is sometimes necessary to complete treatment. This service is a 1-2 hour surgical procedure in which the child is put completely to sleep by an anesthesiologist. The dentist then performs all necessary dental treatment. These cases are done on an outpatient basis at our office or at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Medicine Sedation is most helpful for:
-- Infants
-- Children who require major treatment
-- A very anxious child
-- Children that have had traumatic dental experiences
-- Children who are medically compromised or have special needs

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